Our lawyers and solicitors, based in Airdrie, Hamilton, Cumbernauld and Motherwell, are able to advise you about all aspects of preparing a will that suits your circumstances. A will is something that can often be overlooked when considering family arrangements. It obviously sets out what your wishes are in the event of your death. This is important to protect your family in the event of your death and to ensure that your estate is divided according to your wishes. A will also allows you to appoint someone you trust to act as executor of your estate.

Contact our lawyers at our Motherwell, Hamilton, Cumbernauld or Airdrie offices for further advice whether you come from Airdrie, Cumbernauld, Hamilton or Motherwell or surrounding areas such as Coatbridge, Bellshill, Hamilton, Wishaw, Bothwell, Uddingston, Larkhall, Cumbernauld and New Stevenson.

A will also allows you to nominate your executor who is the person you wish to administer your affairs after you die. This is important, not only because it makes your wishes clear but also because it makes things simpler, quicker and cheaper for those who you leave behind. If you do not leave a will then it may be necessary to apply to court to appoint an executor. This is both time consuming and expensive. This inconvenience can be avoided by arranging to prepare a will now.

Our dedicated team of lawyers will be happy to assist you with preparing a will that is right for you. Our lawyers and solicitors will be able to guide you through the process of making a will to make sure your wishes are properly recorded. In appropriate cases, we are also able to offer legal aid to cover the cost of a will. We will also be able to hold your will in our fireproof safe for safekeeping if you wish us to do so and we will provide a copy of the will to you. If you would prefer, you can retain the original will.

It may also be possible to obtain legal legal aid to cover the cost of preparing your will and power of attorney. Our lawyers will be able to advise you whether you qualify for legal aid.

Our offices are in Airdrie, Hamilton, Cumbernauld and Motherwell. Our team of lawyers, solicitors and notaries public have developed a strong reputation with our clients in Airdrie, Coatbridge, Motherwell, Hamilton, Cumbernauld, Wishaw, Bellshill and throughout Lanarkshire. We are also now able to offer a will drafting service to clients throughout Scotland.

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