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We are a law firm who are able to offer a wide range of civil court services and our lawyers and solicitors have many years of experience in appearing in civil courts throughout Scotland.  Our Lawyers are based in Lanarkshire and we assist clients in in Airdrie, Coatbridge, Bellshill, Motherwell, Wishaw, Cumbernauld, Hamilton and throughout Lanarkshire.

We are able to assist clients with a range of civil court issues including the following:

      1. Family Law – this includes divorce, separation, disputes regarding contact and residence with children, parental rights, grandparents rights to children and financial issues arising from separation including the matrimonial home.
      2. Compensation Claims – we regularly deal with personal injury claims arising from accidents at work, road traffic accidents, slips, trips and fall and other types of compensation claim.
      3. Eviction Actions – This includes evictions for anti-social behaviour or for rent arrears.
      4. Guardianship Orders – where an adult is incapable of dealing with their own affairs we are able to apply to court for an order to appoint someone to act as their guardian.
      5. Civil Court Local Agency – we are able to appear on behalf of other solicitors in cases calling before Airdrie Sheriff Court where required.
      6. Interdicts and Non-Harassment Orders – this includes matrimonial interdicts and interdicts and non-harassment orders relating to abusive behaviour within domestic relationships or caused by neighbourhood disputes.

In Lanarkshire there are Sheriff Courts in Airdrie, Hamilton and also Lanark.  It is the Sheriff Courts which deal with the majority of civil court actions.  In addition, the Court of Session in Edinburgh is available to deal with cases of high value or particular complexity.  Our Lawyers and Solicitors have experience in dealing with cases both in the Sheriff Courts and in the Court of Session and so we are able to represent you in connection with whatever civil court matter you may require assistance with.

Whether you live in Airdrie, Coatbridge, Bellshill, Motherwell, Wishaw, Cumbernauld, Hamilton or elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact one of our Lawyers and Solicitors for further advice regarding how we may assists you with your civil court case whether it may relate to a family law matter such as divorce or children, a compensation claim, a guardianship order or one of the other issues listed above. Feel free to contact one of our lawyers for any family law advice you may need.

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