Grandparents Rights

The rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren is something we are often asked about. Our trainee solicitor, Louise Scullion, wrote a blog post some time ago on the issue and we attached the web address for the full article here:

When considering a request for such an order the court must have regard to some of the following criteria whilst also bearing in mind that any decision must be based on the child’s beat interests: –

1. The welfare of the child concerned will be the court’s paramount consideration and the court shall not make such an order unless it considers it would be better for the child that the order be made than that none should be made at all;

2. The child shall be given an opportunity to express their views and the court shall have regard to those views. This principle applies as far as is practicable and the child’s age and maturity should be taken into account; and

3. The need to protect the child from actual or possible abuse.

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